Thursday, 1 May 2008

Illustration Friday - Wrinkles

This is my response to Illustration Friday's theme of 'wrinkles'... I was desperate not to end up drawing wrinkly old men and women so at the suggestion of my tutor I looked for quotes that contained the word 'wrinkle'. Most of them were about old age, but I did find one about money by Scott Westerfeld, "Money's the same, whoever gives it to you. That was the point of money, after all: crisp and clean or wrinkled or disintegrated into quarters - a dollar was always worth a hundred cents."

The other thing I had decided was that I wanted to use this project to learn a bit of Adobe Illustrator, usually I prefer handmade stuff over digital but you never know when these things will come in handy. My idea came from the fact that although a dollar is always a hundred cents, it might be worth less or more from day to day (e.g. the Singapore $ is usually approximately $2.7 to £1.00 but that changes regularly) and also that the things you can get for your money differ from place to place. I wanted to include production costs of all the items I've listed but in the end it was too difficult to find an accurate idea of what things actually cost to make in the time limit I had.