Thursday, 5 February 2009

Eddie's Seafood Screen

This is a screen print of a fish monger's up the road from me, I wanted to do a few more but I ran out of time (the story of my life).

Book Covers

This is a book cover for "The Sight" by David Clement Davies. The book is about a wolf pack... I'm not so clear on the plot. There is a baby and another wolf pack and some of them have powers. Anyway, this was done with screen print, the shiny symbols on top were screen printed with varnish, then I put thermal embossing powder on top of the varnish and used a heat gun to melt it to get this glossy effect.

Of course I also forgot to put a spine on the book but the deadline is monday and I still have 2 book covers to go so let's not get picky.

The effect is much more subtle, unfortunately when I took the photograph it came out more shiny then in real life because of the overhead lights.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Editorial Illustration

This editorial was about how bad weather means bigger catches for fishermen a few years down the line because the storms pull up plankton from the bottom of the ocean which the fish then thrive on. I was inspired by the movie "the perfect storm" and the famous japanese wood block print, "Hokusai's Wave" (aka The Great Wave Off Kanagawa). I used monoprint and screen print to produce this image. And a little fine liner to touch up the boat.

This image is for an editorial about a fish that looked so different as a juvenile, or a male or female adult that for years scientists thought they were 3 different fish. The New Scientist article was called "Shape-shifting Fish Fools Scientists" so I illustrated it with a family at the beach; each of the family members looks like a totally different aquatic animal but they are still from the same family.

This was an editorial illustration for an article about how people you don't even know can affect your mood. I wanted to screen print it but I ran out of time so this was done digitally.