Monday, 28 April 2008

Pop Ups

Recently I have been trying to teach myself some simple Pop-up techniques. As far as I can tell there are at least 2 ways to do this, you 1) hunt through charity shops for pop up books that are not too badly damaged and then pull them apart and take notes, or 2) you can trawl the internet for helpful guides such as the one below under my 'links'. I haven't tried to make a carousel pop up book yet, but it is worth a look.


Hector Ugalde UCH said...


I am a pop-up book lover and I have a blog specialized on this theme.

It's written in spanish, but most of the links on it are in english.

There's a lot of pages about to making pop-up cards and books with mechanisms. Here it is a link on the "How to" tags in my blog:

I liked your Hiroshima Tree illustration a lot!


Nicky O'Byrne said...

Hey, thanks for the links, the cinderella pop up book is amazing!

Jan said...

Hi Nicki
Great work - lovely to see it -. Are you still collecting pop up samples as I have some for you.
Best wishes