Friday, 5 February 2010

Stranger At The Pier

This illustration is for the text and image collaboration project between Edinburgh University Creative Writing MA course and us 4th year illustrators. I'm working with a man named Larkin who wrote a short story called "Stranger at the pier", this is my image to accompany that story. Its a pretty dark story so my usual happy/ colourful illustrations would not have gone well. I tried to keep the things I'm interested in (colour, pattern, shape) and apply them to a darker image.


Lindsay said...

I love the from underwater perspective, it's beautiful :)

Kristyna litten said...

really clever, looks really cool. I still need to do mine. :(

jess b said...

This is lovely and evocative,
so great that you get to experience a collaboration in Uni! (very jealous!)
can't wait to see more,
love jess