Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I finish this picturebook some time ago but I only recently had it photographed by the college photographer, I'm really happy with the way the photo came out because he's managed to capture all the embossing detail on the front as well as some of the insides.
photograph copyright John K. McGregor, Edinburgh College of Art.


jess b said...

You have a college photographer?! Does he cost a lot? Jeez I want one of those! Gr! also the book looks lovely, the emboss is gorgeous you should do more embosses!

love you bye!

bouncingpuka said...

Neekly, did you do the cover as well? Sheesh, I really lose track of just how brilliant and talented you are Neekly.....I can't see much from the pages, but let's just say that if I saw this in a bookstore i would definitely stop and look at it :o) (You know, the embossed fish reminds me of when you drew that thing for Home Ec. "'s brain food" and you drew that brain next to a fish.....hee hee....and then Lester stole our onions and bell peppers.....