Thursday, 20 January 2011


I went to a meeting with my future publishers, I got there really early because my class finished earlier then I thought it would and AXEL SCHEFFLER was there!!! He drew me a piece of original artwork in my sketchbook. :D:D:D:D I'm going to cut it out and frame it. AWESOMENESS.


Kristyna litten said...

very jealous. Jonathan told me. how the books going, your meetings and stuff? Is it macmilan then? The process of mine has been going pretty slowly, not even started final artwork yet, probably next week.

Nicky O'Byrne said...

Its going slowly also, but its getting there. I'm not even close to final artwork yet. Its not Macmillan, its Nosy Crow. Who are you with? I heard you're giving a talk at ECA :D

Kristyna litten said...

I just assumed with scheffler there.still working with oxford. but i've been doing months of rewritting and roughs, then I have nine weeks to do finals.. it was going to be four, but the agency said that they were being silly basically and that it wasn't enough time. I've not broken down yet. Apparently they told me that lots of people nearly break down doing there first book :( the talk is going to be scary. I hat e doing talks, i'm not really sure why I said yes. just had a look at nosy crow, they've got some nice stuff, like the marion billot stuff.